22 Nov
setting the right mood with live music

Setting the Right Mood at an Event with Live Music

The right music can set the mood at any event. You have a variety of music styles and genre to choose from. Any kind of music that puts a spring in the step can be chosen. For instance, swing jazz will suit an up-market, ritzy ambience perfectly, while light classical music is ideal for a formal event. Similarly, you can create a friendly homely feel with traditional tunes and pop music, a sophisticated and suave atmosphere with mainstream jazz music and spine tingling effervescence with Latin rhythms.

The choice of music will depend on the mood you wish to set.

To set the right mood, you also need to get the level of sound right. Ideally pitched live music can create a relaxing environment that encourages conversation, rather than acting as a distraction. The number of musicians required to create the desired effect depends on the size of the event. For instance, a crowd of 60-70 people can be entertained by a duo of musicians with discreet amplification, but you may have to consider a six piece band, a quartet or a trio for a larger party.

Once you decide on the type of music and the number of musicians, you need to make sure that the musical talent at your disposal is used in the most efficient manner. Organize the performance into three 45-minute long sets, two longer set or some other suitable interval before hand. If the event includes a sit-down meal, the band can sing to the audience during drinks reception and then continue performing in the background.

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