The Gold Coast is a picturesque haven for tourists, locals, and corporate events alike. With the golden beaches and that salty tang in the air, what could be more exciting and more inviting than the Gold Coast for your corporate event? 

How about a Gold Coast event with local award-winning musicians for hire? 

As a group of professional musicians with over 15 years of experience, Mood Music Musicians has been playing all styles of music, from themed events to genre-specific setlists. We have solo artists, pianists, Amica Jazz duos 8-piece band for the full range of accompaniment. Whatever your event’s theme or needs, Mood Music Musicians can help you set the tone and get your guests feeling the vibe! 

Making the Most of the Coast

The Gold Coast has all kinds of amazing opportunities for your corporate events. You can host them near the beach, one of the many nearby hubs for technology and entertainment, or take advantage of the high-class dining establishments.

This beautiful city is the best place to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for conducting business outside of the boring old office! Enjoy some sun and surf for your teambuilding and networking events, and watch the usual stress of work just melt away. 

The spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that brings so many businesses to the Gold Coast can help give your corporate get-together some inspiration, and so will our wide range of musical instruments. Hire the Gold Coast’s best musicians and you’ll make your corporate gathering a booming success!

Tonight’s Theme is FUN!

So many corporate events can be dull and uninspiring, but yours won’t be with Mood Music Musicians’ stellar bands for hire. We can play any theme or genre of music in our unique spin on contemporary or classical.

If you want to inject some fun into your event, try one of our themed costume performances, bringing back the spirit of the ‘20s and ‘30s for one more dance! We can get the venue booming with a big band style, or play a professional accompaniment to a refined affair. 

Give your colleagues a night to remember and a reason to look forward to your corporate events with musicians for hire straight from the Roaring Twenties! For a true blast from the past, our Great Gatsby-themed event really pulls out the stops to give your event a unique experience that will create a lifetime of memories.

The Gold Coast Standard for Good Vibes

Mood Music Musicians set the standard for Gold Coast events. We can rock the house, no matter what venue or theme you choose, and the only thing as good as our tunes are our prices. The music will take your event to another level, and cost should never be a barrier to the booming good times. We’ll bring the jams, you bring your business, and let the good times roll as smoothly as the notes!

If you’re looking at musicians for hire on the Gold Coast, look no further—the sensational artists at Mood Music Musicians are ready to set the mood for fun!