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Salon orchestras were featured everywhere not too many years ago, in restaurants, theatres, in exclusive homes private clubs. Many hotels featured them for luncheons and tea-time. Sometimes the musicians would put aside the waltzes and light classics, bring out stylish dance music and catchy show tunes.

The Salon Players have an extensive library which includes many arrangements of popular songs, performed in the vibrant, lush style spanning the 1890s to 1950s. There are many that work particularly well for strings and piano. Arrangements were written so that the group could add or subtract from the basic five-piece lineup at will. Their tunes sound great with three musicians–  violin, double bass and piano –but become better and better as musicians were added. This makes for an extremely flexible group, from a trio up to a 10-piece Ensemble.

Radetsky March, Westminster Waltz, Jalousie, 12th Street Rag, As Time Goes By, I Got Rhythm, Blue Danube, and favourite waltzes and tangos … the list goes on ….right up to Moon River,  As Tears Go By,  Clocks and the Long & Winding Road.  Feel free to request your own favourite piece. As long as it’s playable by our ensemble, chances are we can arrange to perform it for your Event.

The Salon Orchestra will transport you back to the days of crystal chandeliers, potted palms, and fancy dress balls to classy soirees where guests were seen Dancing Cheek to Cheek. If you would like more information – Please read our History of the Salon Orchestra here.

The Mood Music Salon Orchestra was created to provide music for elegant, happy, festive occasions. This unique ensemble offers Queenslander’s the chance to hire a small orchestra for an Elegant Event.

Our Ensemble is diverse in its repertoire – From Classics like Strauss’ Kaiser and Blue Danube Waltzes & Serenades by Haydn and Schubert, to Continental music from France and Italy. Favourite Latin Tunes – Tico Tico and Tequila, a great mix of Tangos from very early Gardel to Astor Piazzolla, performing famous songs from each era is a speciality, played in our style, you can hear music by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and your favourite film music from the 50s and 60s.

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Try something different – what a way to surprise and delight your guests – with Brisbane’s Salon Orchestra!

With strings, piano, & bass at its core, this mini-orchestra can expand from three to ten instruments – including reeds and brass + drums, percussion and vocals; depending on the occasion and desired musical ambience. Typical programmes are drawn from light classics, musical theatre and the most popular songs of the day.

We will work with your budget and organise a bespoke ensemble to grace your elegant affair.

The Salon Orchestra has an extensive library which includes many arrangements of popular songs, performed in the vibrant, lush style spanning the 1890s to 1950s…and beyond.

Pro Musicians with over 30 yrs experience

Easy to arrange bookings

Bespoke Entertainment

From Trio to 10-piece Ensemble

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