kathy sander piano

Kathryn Sander – Musical Director

Kathryn Sander – Piano/Keyboards/Vocals Kathy grew up in Toowoomba, playing piano at an early age – studied with Brachi Tilles, originally from Tel Aviv, who arrived in Queensland in the late seventies – straight from studies in Vienna. Kathy also learned the violin, her second instrument from Spiros Rantos. Then, a move to Melbourne under… Read more »

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Bryan Pearson Bass

Bryan Pearson – Associate

Bryan Pearson – Bass/Vocals/Keys Born and educated in the United Kingdom, Bryan, a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist,  and a fine piano player,  is predominantly an acoustic and electric bass player, working extensively in Australia and overseas. Highlights have included sessions with the Tommy Watt Orchestra, with whom he recorded and broadcast for the BBC, and touring the… Read more »

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Barry Sutton Drums

Barry Sutton – Founder

Barry Sutton – Drums/Percussion/Vocals In 1987 Barry Sutton returned to Australia after 15 years of commuting between London, Majorca, and Sydney, where he had played Percussion on many different projects, including session work in the famous recording studios in London during the 1970s’. He also returned to Australia to head the pilot touring programme for… Read more »

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