There’s something special about Brisbane, a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes it perfect for the ceremonious union of lives. It lends a certain quality of elegance and sophistication, which is why it’s the perfect place for a memorable wedding and some great wedding music.

So if you’re looking for a Brisbane wedding band that can make your ceremony filled with fun, energy, and love in the form of live music, look no further! We’re Mood Music Musicians, and we want to give your wedding day the performance of a lifetime.

We’ll Play the Wedding Music of Your Choice

Whatever style or theme you want for your wedding, our live band can play the right wedding music to set the mood!

If you have a particular theme in mind, just tell us because we can accommodate that. Our band can play classic tunes or in a contemporary style, jazz it up with Amica Jazz duos, or go traditional with the piano or strings.

If you want to do a wedding reception in the style of the Roaring Twenties when dance halls were booming, and that big live band sound had everyone up and moving we’ve got you covered. But that’s not all, our live band can also accommodate other themes, so please feel free to inquire!

Whatever type of wedding music would make your wedding as special as it deserves to be, we’ll play it just the way you want it. Mood Music Musicians has everything you could want From musicians for hire.

It’s our pleasure to play for you on your wedding day!

We’ll Play Wherever You Tie the Knot in Brisbane

Wedding Musicians Queensland

Brisbane is the perfect city for a gathering of loved ones at a time of celebration. The city is known for its fine beaches, galleries, shows, and fine arts exhibits to help your guests have an amazing experience, which is why it is also one of our favourite places to play.

You can also set your wedding amid the beautiful parks or botanical gardens, take your soon-to-be spouse on the classic walk on the beach, or catch one of the many festivals that make Brisbane so lively.

Our cadre of wedding musicians for hire is versatile, with over 15 years of experience playing all genres and styles and have already played at different wedding venues in Brisbane. So we know how to create the best sound and atmosphere and most importantly, how to get everyone on the dance floor.

Great Music, Great Pricing

Your wedding entertainment is important but it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive – at least not when you choose Mood Music Musicians. The pricing of our live entertainment services in Brisbane depends on a couple of things:

  • Wedding Venue – Where the function is to be held?  Is it in Brisbane Metro Area or further afield – on the Coasts, or Toowoomba, or even Northern NSW?
  • Hours – How many hours would you like to have wedding music? With most live bands and ensembles, there would be a minimum of two hours and a maximum of five hours for a booking. The norm is probably three or four hours.
  • Number of Musicians – Are you looking for a solo artist, a duo, a trio, or a full wedding band?

For weddings, the usual booking is 1.5 hrs which will give you some wedding music pre and post-ceremony on your wedding day.  Some people may like to extend this and continue the music for a while after the ceremony – perhaps while your photos are being taken – therefore keeping your guests entertained.

Whatever the situation and preference – we will put together a bespoke price for your special occasion, be it a private party or a corporate event.  Learn more about our pricing packages.

Hire Mood Music Artists for the Best Wedding Music in Brisbane!

Brisbane’s best wedding musicians for hire are all right here and all want to turn your wedding into a unique start to your journey together. Let us be your wedding music provider and play your favourite songs, and we can sweeten the tune with our incredible pricing packages.

Mood Music Musicians are your wedding enthusiasts and will set the tone for your entire wedding day, giving you the ultimate wedding entertainment experience, from the magical ceremony to the festive reception and fun socials. This is your moment, so we’ll make sure that every note speaks to you. 

Make your big wedding day even bigger with memorable wedding music played by Mood Music Artists!