Do you want to turn your private event into an unforgettable experience?

Mood Music Musicians has the bands for hire Brisbane needs to create a lifetime of memories. Whether you’re doing a birthday party, a family reunion, a school event, or something else, we’ve got you covered with the experience, the quality, and the fun!

If you need bands for hire to entertain at your private event, try some of Mood Music’s many talented artists. 

Give Your Event Some Pizazz

What kind of music do you need to set the mood for your event? We can play contemporary or classical, Amica Jazz, and solo artists on piano, strings, and more.

With a variety of musicians for hire with over 15 years of experience playing in different venues and themes, Mood Music Musicians can really transform your event into a grand get-together! Rock the dance halls, or give a quiet, professional atmosphere to a gathering of friends, family, or your art show.

Here are just a few ways we can entertain your assemblage!


Birthday parties, holiday bashes, or school functions—we can do it all! Nothing like some live music to really put the zest into your private events! Our unique spin on everything from classical to jazz and everything in between is sure to lift your spirits all night long. 


Want to provide an upscale atmosphere to your art gallery exhibition? Do you have a professional event and want some musical accompaniment to the speech?

Brisbane has a storied history of culture and arts, and we know that so many amazing centres for learning and one-of-a-kind artists have come through this friendly city. Give your proceedings the high-end feel they deserve with the best bands for hire in Brisbane!  

Thematic and Memorable

If you have a particular theme for your event, we can certainly do that!

Our musicians for hire can play those vintage ‘20s- and ‘30s-style events, so you can get everyone dressed up and relive some of the fun and frolic from past eras.

Our 1920s-themed Great Gatsby events are like a trip back in time, sure to leave your guests wanting more. If Brisbane is the most welcoming city in Australia, then let’s party in honour of some of those great modern art houses of the Roaring Twenties!

Making the Most of Every Moment

Want to find great musicians for hire without breaking the bank?

Mood Music Musicians’ ideal pricing ensures that money never kills the mood! Whether you’re hiring one of our solo acts to create a unique and intimate vibe for your small event, or you want to hire an 8-piece band to rock the house for a big party, these skilled musicians are here to give your gathering a perfect compliment. 

Set the mood and enjoy every moment with the sweetest of notes from Mood Music Musicians! Whatever style or genre you’re after, we’re sure you will go home still humming these amazing tunes.