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Terms and Conditions
1. In the event of cancellation of this booking agreement by you, the client, Mood Music Entertainment is entitled to the following fees
Please note our cancellation details :-
  • 2 weeks prior to event is full amount
  • between 2-4 weeks prior is 75% of total fee
  • between 4-6 weeks prior is 50% of total fee
  • more than 6 weeks notice is a loss of the deposit $300/$500
2. In general, performers are entitled to a 15-20 minute break after every forty minutes of playing - this is open to negotiation

3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or illness, on behalf of the performer, this booking will not be cancelled. As an alternative, a substitute of similar quality will perform and the client will be notified

4. Please read and accept our full set of terms and conditions, available here.
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