By paying your holding deposit to Mood Music Entertainment, you confirm and accept the following terms and conditions:


The deposit secures booking and is non-refundable. We will hold the date for 5 days from the date of invoice but if no deposit is made after this time, Mood Music Entertainment is free to
make a booking with another client for the same time. The non-refundable deposit is $300 for all events up to $1500 with $500 as our deposit for events of $1500 upwards

The balance payment is due one week before the event and Mood Music Entertainment requires full payment before our services can be provided. Mood Music Entertainment does not
charge GST at this time.

Outdoor Events:

We require adequate shelter from direct sunlight or rain. We can play in a location that has shade, ie. shade from trees but with solid flooring, a verandah close to the ceremony or a
gazebo. A large secure umbrella may also work with solo and duo work.

It is the responsibility of the client to provide protection from sun, rain, wind, salt-spray or physical damage which is deemed to be adequate by the musicians. If, when we arrive at the event location, we believe the protection is inadequate, we will talk to the booker about our problem. If the problem is not resolved, we will not be able to unpack our instruments or perform.

Wet Weather Option:

In the instance there is rain, in our experience having a wet weather back up plan is highly advisable. However, the back up wet-weather location must be organised to fit within the same
booked time and within a reasonable travel distance to your original booking location. If your wet weather plan is at a different location entirely, we require a minimum of 4 hours notice to
ensure we aren’t late for your special event. If we aren’t given enough time to change our travel plans we may not be able to attend and there will be no refunds as we weren’t given enough
time. The change of location also needs to be within 25km of your original location.

We suggest you hire a light pop up marquee if you do decide to proceed with an outdoor event so that the musicians can be covered while your guests hold umbrellas. As our instruments are
ruined by even the slightest amount of moisture, and in the case of electronics – will become live – if it starts to even lightly rain we can’t continue playing and would have to pack our instruments away until the shower passes. Unfortunately being under a tree or having guests hold umbrellas to cover us isn’t sufficient. There would also be no refunds if we were to pack up early due to not having sufficient rain protection.

As we often have multiple bookings on any particular day and may not be available outside your original booking time, your wet weather plan must be at the same time or within 30mins of your
Mood Music Entertainment original booking (as long as it doesn’t impact any other bookings we have on the same day). If you make your wet weather plan an entirely different time and location (later in the day/evening/ etc.) you will either need to make your elongate your booking.

There is also no refunds if we aren’t able to play due to wet weather.

Extra Hire Time:

At the conclusion of the booking we will begin to pack up. If the client asks us to continue we are able to be hired for additional 15 minute increments at the discretion of the musicians.
Mood Music Entertainment will invoice the client for this additional time after the event and will require payment within 7 days. Fees for this are provided to the client on the balance invoice.

If an event goes over time, we will wait up to 10 minutes past booking end time to play the and then pack down. As above, if the client requests us to continue you will be charged per 15 minutes as long as our musicians are available.


We organise our musicians months in advance. In the unlikely event that one of our main musicians is unavailable to perform at the event due to another commitment, an appropriate
replacement will be organised at no additional cost to the client.

However, in the unlikely event that a musician doesn’t show due to a situation out of our control – e.g. bad weather, act of God, a car accident, health, hospitalisation or even death and there is no time to find a replacement musician, the musicians who can attend will play to make sure the event is not jeopardised as best they can in the circumstances and you will be refunded up to the amount that the missing musician would have been paid for being there.

However, we will always do our very best to replace this musicians with someone of equal talent in the unlikely event that this should occur.

Live Performance Requirements:

One chair per musician without arm rests – we will use our own seating if booking bass/drums/
Adequate reading light
Protection from the elements.
Adequate spacing (approx): Solo 1 x 2 metres | Trio: 2 x 2 metres | Quartet: 2 x 3 metres
for acoustic groups – bands can require a little more space
5 piece 2.5 x 4 metres | 6 piece 3 x 4.5 metres

Events longer than 1.5 hours:

The musicians usually require a break of 15-20 mins every 1.25 hours or so – this is worked out around the event formalities and is a general rule only. Breaks can be organised to coincide with  speeches. Please note 2 hour bookings only require 1 x 10 minute break. Please provide refreshments for events longer than 1.5 hours, and a meal for events longer than 3 hours.

Extra Booking Information:

We recommend making wedding ceremony bookings for 1.5 hours, so that music can be performed as your guests arrive and leave the ceremony.

We always recommend booking for the maximum amount of time that you may require at any event.

There is no guarantee that the musicians will be able to stay for unexpected overtime although sometimes this may be possible at our extra fee.

All special requests from our repertoire lists must be finalised at least 1 month prior to your event. If your request is not suitable for us to perform we are happy to play this via iPod for you.

Musicians are expected to arrive approximately 60-30 minutes prior to the start of scheduled
event, depending on the type of instruments being played.

Liability Insurance

Mood Music Entertainment has full liability insurance through musicians preferred insurance – Marsh Insurance Pty Ltd – we are covered for your event.

Cancellation Policy:

Your deposit and any monies paid to date is non-refundable (please see below for details). If we can’t play due to wet weather or the booking times or dates change and we are unable to change with that, any payments are non refundable. N.B all cancellations due to COVID reasons are an exception and will be fully refunded.

Please note our cancellation details :-

  • 2 weeks prior to event is full amount
  • between 2-4 weeks prior is 75% of total fee
  • between 4-6 weeks prior is 50% of total fee
  • more than 6 weeks notice is a loss of the deposit $300/$500


These terms and conditions may be changed or updated from time to time to Mood Music
Entertainment discretion but are always available on our website