Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our answers to what have been the main questions asked by clients
over the years Mood Music has been in operation.

  • How long has the band been together?

    Mood Music have been together for 10 years, and many of the band members have been performing at weddings and parties for as long as 30 years.

  • How does payment work for the musicians?

    The office takes a non-refundable deposit in the form of cash, internet banking, credit through Stripe or cheque at the signing of the contract to hold your date. Your balance will be due the week prior to the event, by the same means.

  • How many breaks do the musicians take?

    Depending on the catering at your function, the band will break for dinner , which takes about 20 min, usually during speeches. Otherwise we would play 45 minutes on – 15 minutes off. Breaks can either be silent or with background music played on our iPod or CD player at the venue. We do play in conjunction with timing of your event – to be discussed with us prior.

  • What do the musicians wear at the reception?

    We can wear anything from the most formal clothing – including tails and dinner suits with females in gowns to a more laid-back presentation in classy black with ties…we dress for the occasion.

  • What time do the musicians arrive on the day of the function?

    The band arrives at the service entrance of the venue at least 1-2 hours before the guests arrive. All the equipment cases, jackets, wires etc. are stored away out of view.

  • What songs will the band play? ​

    Musical selections and song choices are usually a compromise between the band and the clients. You may select songs from our master list, add 2 songs that are not on our list (we can always play them on our iPod in breaks if the band is not able to play them), tell us if there is anything you prefer not to be played. Generally if you give us an idea of the styles you prefer this is sufficient and preferred (it’s overkill to send us a list and say – you must play these 50 songs in this order for a long gig) We are used to reading the room and picking the right music for the right moment during the function. Any special requests will need to be in with us at least one month prior to the event. We limit this to 2 requests that are not on our song or repertoire lists – we can add more but this will be at an extra charge of between $50-$100 per piece/song depending on the complexity of the arrangement.

  • Will there be enough room for the band?

    The groups you see have performed in the smallest areas in front of 50 guests and has set up on stages in front of 3,000 people. We can adjust to work under the most difficult and challenging conditions without volume problems. Discussion will need to happen between the band and the venue regarding space required.

  • Is the band covered under an insurance policy?

    The band is covered under an insurance policy which includes liability and medical, in case of a mishap with the bandstand or equipment. Our electrical equipment is also tagged as this has become a ruling under law.

  • Are the band members we see going to be the musicians we get?

    The band is a rehearsed and set group, always performing with the same members. Sometimes it may be necessary to use a fill-in – but these musicians are also ones we have rehearsed with. We have many talented musicians to draw on if we need to replace someone.

  • What if a band member gets sick?

    Every precaution is taken by each band member to maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to keep his or her downtime due to illness at a minimum. In the unlikely event that a band member does get ill, after all we are only human – he or she will be replaced by an equally talented performer.

  • What if we cancel the wedding/function?

    The office takes a deposit to hold the date and in return will not book another job. If you cancel, your deposit is non-refundable up to 30 days prior to the event, if less than 7 days notice of cancellation is given the total fee will be due.

  • How will I make my final arrangements?

    You are most welcome to set up a personal meeting with us to talk over details – usually About a month prior to the function and then touch base with us the week before.

  • Do I have to feed the musicians?

    Sometimes the caterers charges you half price for the band to eat at your function. Usually they supply free refreshments. The band appreciates the gesture, and these light meals are mandatory if the job is 3 hours long. A more substantial meal is appreciated for jobs of 4 hours or more. Keep in mind that an event is a much longer timeframe than your booking and at least add another 2/3 hours where we are often not able to get food from anywhere – so in reality a 4 hour booking is at least 6 hours to us.

  • Do you play recorded music?

    Although you are hiring a live band to play at the reception, we use an iPod to play Music during our breaks. If you have a certain song or songs to be played we can accommodate the request.

  • Will the band be too loud?

    The loudest volume level will be during full blown dancing with a packed dance floor. The lowest level will be during dinner so guests can converse at a normal speaking level. Volume is never a problem – please feel free to let us know if the volume is not suitable at any point during the function.

  • Can one of my guests get up and sing or play with the band?

    We welcome any one of your guests to come up and sing or play a song alone or with the band for a special dedication or just for fun. If you know ahead of time please notify the band so we may prepare the proper song, key, etc. to insure a professional performance on the day of your event.