What songs will the band play? ​

Musical selections and song choices are usually a compromise between the band and the clients. You may select songs from our master list, add 2 songs that are not on our list (we can always play them on our iPod in breaks if the band is not able to play them), tell us if there is anything you prefer not to be played. Generally if you give us an idea of the styles you prefer this is sufficient and preferred (it’s overkill to send us a list and say – you must play these 50 songs in this order for a long gig) We are used to reading the room and picking the right music for the right moment during the function. Any special requests will need to be in with us at least one month prior to the event. We limit this to 2 requests that are not on our song or repertoire lists – we can add more but this will be at an extra charge of between $50-$100 per piece/song depending on the complexity of the arrangement.

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