Why Play Music in Restaurants?

As a restaurateur, you’re focused mostly on appealing to people’s sense of taste. Right? Well, not really. When you run a restaurant, you have to focus on all five senses. Why? The reality is that all five of our senses are intrinsically linked. Each one influences and affects the other in a multitude of ways. Sight,… Read more »

Piano Bar Top 10

· “Sweet Caroline.” No, I don’t make this stuff up.· “Don’t Stop Believing.” Journey did it. Glee did it. Now it’s your turn.· Anything by Lady Gaga. “Shallow” will do nicely.· “Benny and the Jets.” This Elton classic is fun as heck to play.· “Piano Man.” When someone offers you $20 to play it, ask,… Read more »

23 Feb

Solo Cocktail Pianist Hire in Brisbane

Solo Cocktail Piano Information Looking to hire some background music for your wedding reception or party? Do you think booking a full-sized Band may be too overwhelming for you and your guests? You may wish to consider hiring a solo cocktail Pianist instead. All styles and genres At Mood Music Musicians we have a Solo… Read more »