Piano Bar Top 10

· “Sweet Caroline.” No, I don’t make this stuff up.
· “Don’t Stop Believing.” Journey did it. Glee did it. Now it’s your turn.
· Anything by Lady Gaga. “Shallow” will do nicely.
· “Benny and the Jets.” This Elton classic is fun as heck to play.
· “Piano Man.” When someone offers you $20 to play it, ask, “Who’ll pay me $25 not to play it?”
· “New York, New York.” Surprise, surprise.
· “We Are the Champions.” Lucrative in college towns whose sports team just won.
· “Mack the Knife.” “Fly Me to the Moon” works almost as well.
· “The Way You Look Tonight.” A perennial revenue generator.
· “Happy Birthday.” You never know who’s having a party.

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