28 Jan

Mood Music String Quartets for Formal Occasions

A band of four musicians making use of musical instruments with strings to perform comprises of a quartet. String quartets began gaining acceptance in the later part of the eighteenth century, when Haydn, the popular musician at the time created several distinct items for his quartet – Opus 9. Haydn’s important contribution to the genre didn’t go unnoticed as he is now considered as the father of string quartet by musicians.

Apart from Haydn, the famous composers who contributed significantly towards the growth of string quartets are Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Schubert. The elegance and flexibility of these composers and others make them the classical equivalents of contemporary music bands. In fact, they could as well be considered classical music’s rock artists.

Concert halls are home to most performances by string quartets. String quartets are known to attract audiences from all over the world to their shows. They have a distinct and passionate fan base, and the people who follow the quartets make sure that no show in their city is ever missed. String quartets are also known to bring special occasions such as weddings, corporate events or graduations to life, thanks to their mobility and style that makes them perfect for formal ceremonies.

The instruments and tools used by string quartets can be easily squeezed into any environment, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor affair. The music is relaxing and sophisticated, but not overwhelming, so that guests can hold engaging conversations without being disrupted.
String quartets do not have any vocals, which mean that guests are not distracted by the lyrics that would otherwise echo in your ears. By producing soothing sounds, string quartets simply set the mood for the evening and ensure that the music has relevance to the kind of event that is taking place.

The Mood Music String Quartet are polished, professional string players, some are recent graduates, others are seasoned and experienced players – all with the enthusiasm required to perform beautiful and stirring string music for your event in Brisbane and the South-East.

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