Music For A Themed Party

Many people overlook the importance of music for a successful party, but it is an element that can make or break the event. The right kind of music helps create the right mood and maintain it. A lot of planning and preparation goes into a successful themed party. The decoration, costumes, menu and most importantly the music, all these elements need to come together to create the desired environment.

Live music is the best way to set a theme. While selecting a theme for your party, make sure that it has a strong musical foundation. If your party is based on a particular city or country, selecting the right kind of music is very easy. For instance, you can recreate the magic of Caribbean Islands at your home with a West Indian steel band, while Country, Western and American Bluegrass music is ideal for a cowboy themed party. The Latin rhythms of Samba and Bossa Nova are perfect for a party inspired by the carnival of Rio de Janeiro, while the sophistication of New York City can be brought to life with the soothing laid back sounds of mainstream jazz, and the Great Gatsby period is very popular at parties right now.

Every continent and country from India to Africa and America to Australia has its own unique music. Selecting the right live music for your place-inspired party can take it to a whole new level. Apart from place, you can also recreate a particular period with suitable music. For instance, a piano trio can bring back Edwardian opulence, while a Sinatra style swing jazz band can take your guests back to the era of Al Capone.

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