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The Costs in Hiring Musicians for your Event

Band Hire Brisbane – The Costs in Hiring Musicians for your Event

From the band’s perspective

First thing, a band wants to be clear about all the details between them and the one who is hiring. Primarily, what and how the gig is paying – cash, cheque, advances, PayPal, etc.

As a client, you have to work out all the details like where the gig is going to be, how long the performance will last, parking, loading, sound check, hospitality, etc. These are the details you need to have worked on before hiring the musicians.

  • What price to expect?

How much is the gig paying? That’s the primary piece of information people want to know first. Follow it up with all necessary details about the gig. Make them know your expectations before the band commits to playing by letting them know if they need to do any rehearsals.

Depending on all or some of the earlier mentioned information, a band may charge different prices. It is a no-brainer that the more prominent bands make hefty quotes. So if you want to have a fair idea of the actual costs involved, just use our online form to get a quote. You can choose from a variety of bands you could be interested in from our website, and we make our commitment to revert to you within 48 hours. Check out our budget friendly prices here…

  • Cover Band or a Tribute Band?

First, you have to make up your mind on whether you will be selecting a cover band or a tribute band. As you will already know, a cover band usually plays songs from a collection of diverse artists and can perform music for longer durations of at least 4 hours. Picking a cover band offers you more options in terms of variety, and it is understandably, more popular among most clients.

Tribute bands imitate a particular band or artist and if required, would dress up exactly like the artist they are emulating. Because it is limited to only one artist, they will not be playing songs of any other artists. Because they would never play longer than 2 hours, they are picked up mostly for corporate events where music is needed for shorter durations.

  • Does a more expensive band mean that they are better than the cheaper band?

Just because some band is charging you less doesn’t necessarily translate into a mediocre band. Some of the best in town can charge you astonishingly reasonable prices for the entertainment costs. It all depends on their outlook and professional style. Many good bands are known to win more gigs by charging a decent price to their clients.

  • If you were expecting a mere $300 for hiring a band of decent musicians, then you were wrong!

What you get from us are top musicians who excel in the job they do and deliver every single time. Like with any other job, these professionals do this as a full-time job.

  • How good are our bands?

If you want to know about previous experiences with our band, you will find links to our earlier performances at past events. A lot of the time, our bands supply us with their performance videos. Accordingly, we can suggest you to hire musicians from our selection fit for any of your private events, weddings and corporate functions. From Jazz bands to solo artists, we have them all lined up for you for band hire.


  • Extra bucks calculation!

What of course bothers most of the clients is that if there are any hidden charges involved in band hire. This is because some clients see themselves as duped on a number of occasions by bands with which they never really discussed the critical points in details. That’s what it takes to know exactly – clear communication! It’s apparent that if the event is happening outside city limits, charges add up in respect of tour fees, accommodation, and meals. Also, there can be times when the client insists the band play longer than the already committed, say 4 hours duration. In such cases, the client shall be charged with a convenience fee, say for instance, at 25% per hour. If the audience for the event is large, there could arise additional costs on sound, lighting and other entertainment costs.

  • Time Limits and expectations from the gig

If it is a cover band that is being hired, you can expect a performance time of at least 4 hours and an additional 40-45 minutes. The band will also be supplying the equipment for sound and lighting for 200 odd people. As already mentioned, for a bigger audience exceeding 200 people, the client has to meet the requirements of providing a more important sound system.

  • Is it cheaper if I book the entertainer/s for less than 4 hours?

If you are planning to hire musicians for shorter times than regular, you should know that it has no real benefits. Bands usually charge a base rate irrespective of the time being less than the scheduled 4 hours. They do not intend to divide up their time on that particular date by picking up some other gig. So it’s logical to have them full-time.

  • Setting it up with no-frills!

All the bands are committed to set up their equipment and get ready to perform at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

  • Band equipment at your service

Our live bands are generous enough to let you use their microphones to make speeches with prior information.

  • How early should you book?

It is a good idea to book as early as your dates get confirmed. You will be amazed to know that the top bands are typically booked about six months in advance, and they rarely can provide any extra dates in between. Quite understandably, most weddings are scheduled a year ahead to have the opportunity to secure booking of the particular they wish to be there. On inquiry, you will be immediately informed about the available dates for each band.

  • Direct talk with the band

Once the band is booked, and the advance deposit paid, relevant paperwork gets processed, and we exchange with you the contact details of that particular band so that you can discuss and give them a briefing of the events and planning.

  • The areas we cover?

We currently have bands for Brisbane and surrounding areas, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast. Anyone willing to organize events, private or corporate, weddings, parties, dinners are welcome to give us a call, and our customer executive will get back to attend to your queries.

  • Where are we at?

With headquarters at Brisbane, we have a host of entertainers, singers and musicians to add fabulous live music your party! Speak to Kathy and Mood Music Musicians

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