29 Dec
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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Live Music Band for Your Party

Music is one of the key considerations of party planning. Whether it is a corporate event or an engagement party, the mood of the event is set by music. You can provide music for a party by hooking up your iPod to a sound system or hiring a live band. The latter, although a slightly expensive option, offers a number of advantages.

A good band can adapt to the preferences and moods of the audience

Professional music bands are experienced in understanding the mood of the crowd adapting the music to suit it. For instance, they can alternate between romantic slow dancing music and upbeat energetic music to keep people dancing all night long. They can also modify the tempo of songs to accommodate fancy dance moves and keep energy levels high on the dance floor.

A band leader can act as a host for the event

Band leaders are usually experienced in hosting events. They can make announcements and add a professional touch to festivities. Moreover, most bands allow clients to use their equipment for toast and speeches. A live performance can take your event to a whole new level

Nothing can energize the crowd and draw them to the dance floor like a live band. Compared to pre-recorded music, the quality of sound is also much better in case of live music. Hiring a good live music band is the easiest way to make an event memorable.

If you are looking for a good band to provide live music at an event in South East Queensland, Amica Jazz Duo is a great option.  Give Kathy a call or set up a short meeting to discuss your live music requirements.  Amica Jazz Duo will tailor their music to fit your event.

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2 comments on “Why You Should Consider Hiring a Live Music Band for Your Party

  1. Dave Anderson on

    I think that it is awesome how a live band can adapt to the mood or situation of a party. I would assume this would be great to have at a wedding reception so that they can adapt to that of the crowd and enhance the feeling brought in by a wedding. I know when I get married I want to have a live band playing.

  2. Dave Anderson on

    That is awesome that bands are experienced in adapting to the mood of the crowd. That would be great to have at a party sometime. If I have a party in the future then I would love to hire a band to follow the mood.


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