18 Feb

Ideas for Music Themed Party

Basing your party on a unique theme is the best way to keep things interesting and fun. The selected theme can be brought to life by using appropriate decoration, menu and most importantly music. Music is the single most vital element for setting a particular theme. For instance, music can be used to create the illusion of a certain place or period. A live jazz band is the best way to bring the sophistication and elegance of New York City to your living room, while the Latin rhythms of Bossa Nova and Samba can recreate the liveliness and effusiveness of Rio de Janeiro carnival.

On one hand music helps you set mood for different themes, on the other it can be a theme in itself. Music themed parties can be great fun for children, teenagers as well as adults. Each decade of the 20th century has a distinctive style of music.

For a 1920s jazz age party, you can hire a live jazz band and ask guests to dress in vintage fashion. Whether you prefer the rock and roll of the 50s or the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles of the 60s, music themed parties are sure to be a memorable experience.
The disco music of the 70s can be an entertaining theme for a party. You can support the music with decorations like disco ball and appropriate lighting.

The wackiness of the 80s can be recreated with tunes by Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Police, Blondie and more. You can also ask guests to dress in colourful leg warmers and leggings. Live music can turn a music themed party for good to great. Whether you are looking for a rock and roll band or jazz musicians, Mood Music Entertainment lists the best options in Brisbane area.

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